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Charities under a Microscope

Setting up your donor organisation may be the start of something good you can do for your community. Suppose you have a big trove of assets you’d like to donate, the real challenge is making sure you find the right charities to entrust them with. Companies that facilitate special accounts for foundations in Canada can aid immensely in giving your philanthropy a solid rudder.

Listed Below…

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the first place where you should go searching for a prospect charity. The government body has a registry of charities with their account details updated periodically. Searching this list may help you prune down candidates according to your organisation’s thrust and mandate.

Feeling it Out

Your shortlisting may have a boost by researching on the organisation and their credentials. If they do have a website, make sure that it has online security and privacy mechanisms to prevent hacks, which is critical when it has functions that allow for online donations. You can also contact the organisation by phone or email for further information. The CRA data is critical at this stage: you need financial statements to gauge how the group is utilising the donations. You can volunteer for them if they are in need of talent.


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